Here is a list of links to other websites recommended by Phuture Rave:
Crossbones (UK)
Home of Face Hoover, Kenny Kramp, Rave Enforcer, Fallen Angel etc… who produce records on their Last Tomorrow Recordings, Rave Frontier & Crossbones labels. Includes news, charts, record reviews, rave information & lots more… Exclusive worldwide distribution by Phuture Rave.
Dead Silence (UK)
Home of Audio Illusion Recordings & artists such as The Bombdogs, The Dexorcist, Suspect Device, BlackMassPlastics etc… They also deal in artwork & web-design, & are good friends & fellow rave conspirators!
Discogs (USA)
The ultimate resource for finding information on artists, labels, and their recordings. Want to find out a complete discography for a certain artist/label, or find out which label that tune you have been searching for is on? Well look no further !!!
EBE Company (Germany)
Home of DJ Sparky, EBE Company, Lord Nord & more… one of Germanys long standing phuture-sounding hardcore labels. Exclusive worldwide distribution by Phuture Rave.
Fifth Era (UK)
Home of The Lurker & his Fifth Era label & crew. South London Doomcore at it’s finest… enter if you dare! Exclusive worldwide distribution by Phuture Rave.
Kelvin Luck
Need a website built? Then Kelvin Luck's your man!
Mental Fear Productions (Germany)
Home of Ian Thrust, The Emperator & Chromatic… the new breed of German phuturecore producers who have released records on Crossbones & Rave Frontier records.
Mozilla (USA)
Tired of Micro$oft Outlook & Internet Explorer? Well get yourself a new email client (Thunderbird) & browser (Firefox) here! They are loads better than anything Micro$oft have to offer (security & features especially), plus they are continually evolving & absolutley FREE!
Planet Core Fan Site (Holland)
Excellent PCP fan site featuring extensive discographies, interviews, downloads & information about all things PCP. It's run by two very nice helpful chaps from Holland, & has just had a massive site re-design!
Posthume (France)
Home of Paris’ DJ Hibou & his Posthume label that deals with all things dark, gothic & morbid. Exclusive worldwide distribution by Phuture Rave.
Tignes Spirit
Need a winter fix? Head to the French Alps and go snowboarding with these guys! Quality.
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