Endymion - Payback VIPClick for a larger view
Cat No. EV008
Title Payback VIP
Artist Endymion [more by this artist...]
Release Date 06/08/2008
Label Enzyme (Cardiac) [more on this label...]
Origin Holland [more from this country...]
Genre Gabber / Hardcore [more from this genre...]
Price (inc. VAT) �5.99
Format 12"
Description Payback is regarded as one of Endymion's biggest hits to date and the original version is still played regularly by many DJs all over the world. It is one of the true modern hardcore classic. When D-Passion suggested doing a remix of the track, Endymion decided to release a whole EP with remixes on Enzyme VIP.

Naturally, the D-Passion remix was one of the first remixes to be finished. It uses many of the sounds found in the original version, but it's still a completely different track in the well-known dance floor-crushing D-Passion style.

Endymion also enlisted Sei2ure for this VIP project. He managed to create an extremely raw-sounding industrial version of this mainstream track, which is something you don't see very often. This much darker version is a welcome addition to this project for all the dark side fans out there.

The last guest-star on this VIP is Tommyknocker. When he first handed in his remix Endymion was immediately very excited about his version of Payback. Tommy, however, was not so sure about the end-result and figured he could do a better job and trashed his remix. When he turned in the new remix we were faced with a big problem� we liked this new remix just as much as the first one! Since neither we nor Tommy were able to choose which version we wanted to release we decided to release both of his remixes and forego the original mix on this VIP.

And there you have it: four devastating remixes which will make sure that Payback continues its domination of hardcore dance floors for many more years to come.
A1 - Payback (Tommyknocker's Yes I Am Remix) (5:19)
A2 - Payback (Tommyknocker's Trashed Remix) (5:32)
B1 - Payback (D-Passion Remix) (5:49)
B2 - Payback (Sei2ure Remix) (5:50)
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